Release Notes - ScriptRunner for JIRA - Version 3.0.0 - HTML format


  • [GRV-374] - User rename in Crowd breaks issueFunction worklogged
  • [GRV-381] - "Switch to a different user" allows jira-administrators to access jira-system-administrators accounts
  • [GRV-383] - Escalation Service skips intervals
  • [GRV-385] - Use of affectedVersion in issueFieldExactMatch and issueFieldMatch don't return any results
  • [GRV-386] - Exception in linkedIssuesOf when not logged in
  • [GRV-399] - Exception in UpdateBlockedIssues.groovy
  • [GRV-404] - Validator script's cfvalues causes post-functions to evaluate custom fields in pre-transition context
  • [GRV-409] - CreateSubTask postfunction clones Epic Link from parent
  • [GRV-423] - Unable to load Groovy http-builder module in Scripted Field
  • [GRV-425] - Error after rebooting JIRA when JIRA SERVICE DESK and ScriptRunner are installed
  • [GRV-430] - Allow scripted fields to be placed in their correct panel, eg dates in Date panel, users in People panel etc
  • [GRV-431] - getting another scripted field value from script field causes StackOverflow
  • [GRV-440] - email condition failure due to thread delay
  • [GRV-441] - PlugIn reports error on each Jira Startup
  • [GRV-452] - cannot edit previously created listener in SR3.
  • [GRV-457] - current customField should be available in the script binding for scripted fields
  • [GRV-461] - linkedIssuesOf doesn't appear to work
  • [GRV-464] - groovy services are greyed out in JIRA 6.2 - script runner v3.0 beta


  • [GRV-130] - option for copy attachments in "Clones an issue and links" listener
  • [GRV-405] - Strip the script filename before using it
  • [GRV-415] - Labels for Script Listeners
  • [GRV-449] - Send Custom Mail - provide access to the transition comment
  • [GRV-455] - better logging of exceptions from user code

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