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I am able to assign issues through the workflow and change the assignee on the edit screen. However when I use the assign option, taking me to, I get a message 'User charlie.lines does not exist'. Doesn't matter which user I select either, the same message is displayed. This only occurs on some projects within JIRA and the project setup is the same across the majority of my projects.

Error in log:

Excerpt from log attached.

I've checked the permissions and these users are assignable, they can all login and have access to the relevant project. On investigating further (with assistance from Atlassian) I looked back on recent changes and saw we had recently moved from 0.2.8 to 0.2.9 for this plugin in order to use hidden fields. The impacted projects all had behaviours mapped to hide a custom field - once I disabled the plugin the assign issue screen worked as expected.

Not sure if I've missed something with the configuration but it feels like this is a bug.




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