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Raised on behalf of Mike Garvin:

Hey guys, we have an issue with JIRA Behaviors…it might actually be small/easy to fix…I’m not sure. Whats the best path for opening a ticket?
Basically we added a server side validation script for “comment” field, because on the Resolve dialog we want to ensure they enter a comment when resolving (or there is already comments on the issue).
But…the problem is that some browsers have a really bad focus problem with text fields; where if when done with the field update…if you then click on Add Comment/Update/Create etc (the submit action)…it will then trigger the validation, instead of when you left the text field (moving the mouse).
I realize this is kind of a shortcoming with some browsers, but this is really becoming an issue, especially now with the comment field; because the validation is run even on the View Issue screen. So while it might be tolerable to click on Update in the Resolve dialog and then get a “please wait for server” (because it now triggers the validation)…having to suffer through that on every comment you make on every issue at any time…is not acceptable.
So we need to figure out something to fix this. We have to continue using a server side validation script for “comment”…but we only need it in the Resolve dialog. Is there a quick way we can tell JIRA Behaviors to just run the server side script only when its in the Resolve dialog?
I realize that I can detect the screen in the server side script and do an early exit…but that won’t help…the problem is that the server side validation gets triggered at all…which leads to the old “please wait for server” when you click on Add Comment. If we are just on the View Issue screen…we don’t want any validation running…it’s a view only screen!


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