Cannot Split Workflows with Post Function


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It is an expected behavior to be able to split a workflow into two routes using Post Functions.

Using Post Functions, OR Validators, I can't seem to get our workflow to split. goes over this, and I have looked into a number of other answers that essentially say the same thing. I used the following:

Adding scripted function
Adding a mirrored step
Adding a mirrored step with a validator

Attached are screenshots and the workflow in XML and WF formats.

Further complicating matters, we have to sync these with Parent issues, but I think I can figure that part out.


JIRA 6.4.11, Chrome (latest), Windows 7 Professional


Jamie Echlin
March 10, 2016, 2:29 PM

This is not the ScriptRunner plugin, think it's is Jira Misc Workflow Extensions or something.

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