LESS THAN" (<) of dateCompare Function behave as "LESS THAN EQUALS" (<=)


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Our Customer have a problem with "dateCompare" Function of Script Ruuner.
"LESS THAN" (<) of dateCompare Function behave as "LESS THAN EQUALS" (<=).
Steps to Reproduce
1. Our Customer made two date custom fields.
2. Our Customer inputed "2016/02/22" in two date custom fields.
3. Our Customer used The following JQL in IssueNavigator.
issueFunction in dateCompare("", "Baseline End Date(WBSGantt) < End Date(WBSGantt)")
4. 1 issue in IssueNavigator is displayed.
IF data of "DateA custom fields" is "2016/02/22" and data of "DateB custom fields" is "2016/02/22",
Our Customer think that 1 issue in IssueNavigator should not is displayed.


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Jamie Echlin

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