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We have about 10 script listeners in our instance.
After creating issue MalformedURLException throws.
All listeners that should be executed runs fine.
Everything seems works fine, but it would be nice to fix this.


From Logfile: (More detailed logfile attached)
2015-11-19 14:50:44,083 /secure/CreateIssueDetails.jspa [ProdClmIntegrationListener] Event catch: 1 fired for CLM-159399 (Consultation)
2015-11-19 14:50:44,787 /secure/CreateIssueDetails.jspa [ImplementedClmsEstimationListener] Event catch: 1 fired for CLM-159399 (Consultation).
2015-11-19 14:50:44,788 /secure/CreateIssueDetails.jspa [LinkSyncListener] Event catch: 1 fired for CLM-159399 (Consultation).
2015-11-19 14:50:44,791 /secure/CreateIssueDetails.jspa [LinkSyncListener] Script work time: 3 ms.
2015-11-19 14:50:44,792 /secure/CreateIssueDetails.jspa [SetAssigneeTsdListener] Event catch: 1 fired for CLM-159399 (Consultation).
2015-11-19 14:50:44,879 /secure/CreateIssueDetails.jspa [FillCurrentKeyListener] Event catch: 1 fired for CLM-159399 (Consultation).
2015-11-19 14:50:44,889 /secure/CreateIssueDetails.jspa [FillCurrentKeyListener] Script work time: 10 ms.
2015-11-19 14:50:45,023 /secure/CreateIssueDetails.jspa [atlassian.event.internal.AsynchronousAbleEventDispatcher] There was an exception thrown trying to dispatch event 'com.atlassian.jira.event.issue.IssueEvent@5dcb5d32[issue=CLM-159399,comment=<null>,worklog=<null>,changelog=<null>,eventTypeId=1,sendMail=true,params={eventsource=workflow, baseurl=},subtasksUpdated=false]' from the invoker 'SingleParameterMethodListenerInvoker{method=public void com.onresolve.scriptrunner.runner.ScriptListener.workflowEvent(com.atlassian.jira.event.issue.IssueEvent), listener=com.onresolve.scriptrunner.runner.ScriptListener@265ecd}'.
java.lang.RuntimeException: no protocol: null
Caused by: no protocol: null
at com.onresolve.scriptrunner.canned.jira.workflow.listeners.CustomListener.doScript(CustomListener.groovy:72)
< function scripts log messages...>


Jira instance with 500k issues. Jira 6.2.3.
OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5.


December 8, 2015, 1:52 PM

Any progress on this?

December 1, 2015, 11:57 AM

Hi, .
No, I dont have any webhooks on this actions.
I think I've figured out why this happens.
We have 4-6 instances of Jira for test and development purposes.
Our production instance have 10 listeners, configurating them via UI is really annoying.
(those small windows for selecting project is omg - we have 150+ projects and I should select 20 of them, for example)
And we need to sync listener settings between production and test instances.
So I've decided to do this by copy json settings of listeners in database. (table jira.propertytext, field propertyvalue)
(BTW, what is this magical ID in settings? I think, it appears after very first start of listener. And why settings duplicated inside in "params" with escaped quotes?)

At first I think all worked well. But then strange issues start happens. Like MalformedURLException in logs. I think it's because ScriptRunner can't load some of the listeners class. But exception stack trace didn't tells what exactly listener is broken.
After several attempts I've decided to do all the configuration manually.

So the question is:
How can I clone listeners settings from one instance to another?

Thank you.

English is not my mother tongue; please excuse any errors on my part.

Jamie Echlin
November 27, 2015, 11:27 AM

Hi - do you have any webhooks (triggers) on this action?

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