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Cannot get Script Runner function expression() to work with custom scripted fields


Created two sets of custom fields with one being a HTML formatted String and the other being the "raw" value equivalent. Both sets of values are calculated correctly without exceptions for all issues. The results are null for any non-Epic issue. There is only one config/context for the custom fields. The raw values are Longs returned as Doubles. They have a Number Field template and a Number Searcher indexer. I have re-indexed many times.


I need to create a filter e.g:

project = mine and issuetype = Epic and issueFunction in expression("", "EpicEstimatedRaw > originalEstimate")

However, every time I try to use this value I get the error:

Field EpicEstimatedRaw not found or not a Number or Date custom field.

I tried to use the "cistomfield_12345" format and got the same error.

Note, I can use the following filters successfully:
project = mine and issuetype = Epic and issueFunction in expression("", "originalEstimate > timeSpent")
project = mine and issuetype = Epic and EpicEstimatedRaw > 42129

I have seen a similar issue ( GRV-300 ). According to the issue this was related to locale. My locale is English (United Kingdom). Also according to that issue it was resolved and fixed in 2.1.10.





Barry Millar

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