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Having trouble running Change dashboard or filter ownership


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I am having trouble. I click the link to initiate the built-in script. I see
From user ID and To user ID. I fill those in. I see Preview, Run and Cancel buttons. If I click Preview, I see quick swirl, but display doesn't change. If I click Run, I get a Completed message. It has yet to ask me for which dashboards/filters. So I click the Change dashboard or filter ownership again, (sometimes see blank From and To), click Run, and get a list of Dashboard IDs and Filter IDs. I choose one or more, and click Preview. Nothing happens. Click Run. Nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong. I have tried in both Firefox and Chrome. Why don't I see all 4 fields (From, To user, Dashboard IDs and Filter IDs) at once, or together? Why doesn't Run do anything?


Tomcat Standalone JIRA 6.3.4





Paula Manildi

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