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  1. GRV-641

Checks the issue has been in a status previously not working


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    • Affects versions: 3.0.7
    • Fix versions: 3.0.11
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      I have recently been testing the script runner function on conditions - Checks the issue has been in a status previously to check the previous status before displaying the transition but it appears to not be working.

      For example:
      State 1 -> State 2 (note: State 2 can be reached from a number of other states, not just State 1).

      I placed a script condition on the workflow to check the issue has been in the status previously, set previous state to State 1 and checked the Check only the last state option (i.e. should have come from State 1).

      This is not working and the transition back from State 2 to State 1 is not showing. If I remove the Check only the last state, it works but then it displays for all of the other states that can reach State 2 - which is not the desired behaviour.

      I'm currently using script runner version 3.0.7


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