Build in script - create subtask overwrites assignee of the subtask


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(Not sure if this is a bug or a support request)


  • Setup workflow with a transition which creates a subtask using the buildin script

  • Ensure that the subtask create transition assigns the issue to person A

  • Create a master issue assigned to person B

  • Use the transition to create the subtask

  • The subtask is created assigned to person B
    I guess because it is inherited

  • Search for the just created issues

--> The subtask in the issue navigator is assigned to person A
--> making a small modification on the newly created issue and refreshing the query fixes it (indicating there is an indexing issue)

Some remarks / questions

  1. Apparently the modifications on the subtask are applied after the subtask is created

  2. These modifications are not indexed (right - or should I do something in addition)

  3. Is there a way not to overwrite some fields (such as assignee)
    The reason for this is that I want to configure the target assignee in the workflow of the newly created issue, and not in the transition of the source issue




Jamie Echlin
September 13, 2011, 10:52 AM

I'll get back to you fully on this, but just to say that the default behaviour is that all matching system and custom fields are copied, and if the user needs that not to happen they need to blank them out in the additional actions.

I'll check out the indexing and other issues shortly.

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