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timespent in specific day is not correct when using 'issueFunction in workLogged'

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So it looks like impossible to obtain how much time a person has worked in a ticket in a given period of time. The total time spent is the only result one could get. Please follow the two steps below to try to replicate in your local system. Alternatively if you provide a sandbox I will be more than happy to demonstrate the issue myself.

1. Create a sample issue for which the admin user will log time in two different dates. Let us assume 30m(1800sec) in 2014/03/10 and 30m(1800sec) in 2014/03/11. The total so far is 1hr(3600sec).

2. The below query should return in timespent=1800 however it returns the total 3600. No field related to worklog shows the expected 1800.

/rest/api/2/search?jql=issueFunction in workLogged('by admin on 2014/03/10')


  • Nestor