Fast track transition doesn't work after Clone issue and link


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I have a workflow. At the end state, there is a transition with post function "Clone issue and link" (I create an issue of the same type in the same project as original issue). This post-function creates new clone correctly. This works OK.

Now, I have a "Fast-track transition" post-function on the Create transision. So, I need the newly created clone to be transitioned to another status. I mean, that everything is set-up correctly: the Fast track post function is at the end of post-actions (after Fire event). It has no condition (always true, for testing purposes), no special post action. The transition, that should be done, is trivial - no condition, no validator, no post-actions.

This configuration doesn't work - the issue is cloned but not fast-tracked. If I create new issue, the fast-track works.

I've also tried to add a Scripr listener (Fast track) to the Create issue action and it doesn't work too (after cloning).

Please, help.




Jiri Vomacka
May 4, 2012, 12:55 AM

For testing purposes, I've removed all conditions from all transitions and post-functions (to eliminate possibility of invalid condition). In production, there should be some conditions checking specificic custom fields to determine if the fast-track should be done.

The "clone" step is the transition (from Closed to Closed) that allows the user to set some additional fields (using standard workflow transition screen) and finally create the clone and link.

I don't use the UI (JIRA's) Clone function.

Now I remember, that this bug wasn't present on our previouc configuration (JIRA 4.2 with Script runner 1.7.X) - after upgrade this bug appeared.

Jamie Echlin
May 4, 2012, 12:41 AM

Under what condition should the fast-track happen - ie only if there is an issue link to the original project? I'm asking because there's probably a way to do it without fast-track.

Actually maybe not.

I'm confused about the clone step - does the fast-track fail to work if either or both of:

1) You're using the clone issue built-in script
2) You manually create the cloned issue using the UI Clone function.

Jiri Vomacka
May 4, 2012, 12:32 AM

Note: using JIRA 4.4.5

Jiri Vomacka
May 4, 2012, 12:29 AM


Have workflow:

transitionCreate -> status New
status New -> transitionX -> status Open
status Closed -> transitionClone -> Closed

transitionCreate: contains post-function Fasttrack (want to invoke transitionX)
transitionClone: contains post-function Clone issue and link (create new issue in status New)

Cases and their results:

1. Create new issue (to status New) -> issue is correctly created and fast-tracked to Open using transitionX (issue is in status Open)

2. I have issue in status Closed, then manually invoke the "transitionClone". Original issue remains closed (ok). Clone is created in status New, but the postfunction fast-track "transitionX" is not invoked (no error in errorlog) - it seems that in this case the fast track is ignored.

Jamie Echlin
May 3, 2012, 11:41 PM

So basically it works when doing it manually but not when it's cloned using the built-in script, right?


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