Sub-task Creation in Jira


I have 2 issue types in my project: Single, Multiple.
When we create a "Single" Type issue type, I have set like automatically a template set of sub-tasks should be created. I have set this in the post-function in workflow and it will create the set of sub-tasks when I create one "Single" type issue.

The other isuetype "Multiple" is having different workflow and a set of different sub-tasks to be automatically created when "Multiple' type issue is created.

First I created one issue with "Single" issue type and automatically the set of sub-tasks for "Single" got created. Afire that I am trying to edit that issue type to "Multiple". But since the "Multiple" is having different workflow, I could only move the issue(editing not possible) to "Multiple" type. So after moving the "Single" type to "Multiple", the set old sub-tasks displayed are not changing.,ie, even after changing it to "Multiple", the set of sub-tasks for "Single" are being shown. Set of sub-tasks for "Multiple" are not getting created once we move the issue type to "Multiple".

Can you please help me on this?
Jira Version: 6.4.10
Script runner: 3.1.4


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